• February 1987 founded as private company „Robert Wirth Präzisionsteile“ in Erlangen, Germany, by Robert Wirth.
  • January 1990 legal conversion into „Robert Wirth CNC Präzisionsteile GmbH“, single shareholder Robert Wirth.


Germany, 91086 Aurachtal-Münchaurach, Wirtshöhe 1

September 2000 relocated into newly constructed facilities at today´s site.

October 2007 expansion by aquiring an adjacent facility

site 1: manufacturing area 1.500 m², office area 250 m²

site 2: manufacturing area   800 m², office area   50 m² 


approximately 50, of which 36 are qualified and trained specialists dedicated for production, apprentices are also included.

(own mechanic apprenticeship since autumn 2005) 

Managing Director:
Roman Wirth

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